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Key Terms for buying a UK domain with us

    • The charge will be the amount shown in your basket when purchasing.  No additional charges will be made.
    • If you let your domain expire then this will be shown in your customer panel, or you can check by contacting us.  We will send you reminders about the upcoming expiry.  Once a domain has expired you may purchase it again should it still be available.
    • You must renew your domain when you receive notifications from us.  These are sent around 1 month before expiry and you must complete the renewal within one week of the expiry date.  All renewals costs will be advised to you with such reminders and we will advertise any price rises in the website.  If you have a special deal with us then again this will be reflected in the costs shown in the customer panel.  This term forms our policy on renewing & expiring domain names.
    • To renew your domain name you must login to your customer panel and follow the renewal process, including payment.  You can also email us on [email protected] to get our help with such a renewal.  You will be charged at the amount advised to you and as shown on our website customer panel.
    • We do not charge anything if you decide to move your domain to another provider.  If you need any technical expertise from us then this may be charged at our hourly rate, but we will not charge for agreeing the release of a domain.

Terms & Conditions

All customers are bound by our terms and conditions.  Please download them:  General Terms  or  Hosting & Domain Terms or VoIP Terms

Privacy Policy

All customers should be aware of how we protect your privacy.  Please download our privacy policy.

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