In the coming weeks we will be migrating users of our 'shared hosting' service to a new 'cloud' based platform. If you don't usually login to your plesk web space then you should notice no difference. Your website CMS admin panel will not change and the way you edit your site will not be affected, for example accessing Wordpress admin.
What are the benefits?
  1. More versatility for different types of website needs - for example we will be able to support both Windows and Linux based websites. Even allowing more advanced users functions such as the ability to have different versions of PHP rather than the same as everyone else.
  2. Improved assurance - whilst we have minimal issues with the current set-up; as technologies develop and websites want to do more this new offering can scale even better for each individual website, not being held back by sharing the same underlying technology with other sites in such a rigid way. Websites are also replicated across several servers by default so you're not limited to the availability of one server.
  3. Simplified control panel - it is even easier to access all the features you need with a purpose built panel, that includes automatic daily backups of your individual site.
  4. Free email accounts - whilst we continue to recommend a dedicated email platform such as gmail within G Suite, the ability to set-up small email accounts for free is built in.
  5. Free SSL security available - using the system this new approach makes getting the padlock in your customers browser even easier and cheaper.
  6. Even more in the background - enhanced technical management and features that enable us to focus on supporting you with all your web needs.
The new links/addresses
These will be sent to you directly and includes a new link to access your control panel, and also new Domain Name Servers, the changing of which will enable the full feature set above.  We control most of the domains / DNS of customers on Plesk 1 and will take care of this change for you.
You can continue to access to manage your billing information, order domains etc.
We hope you can agree that the above advantages will be of use. Although, again, you may not notice the changeover if you simply manage your website content.
If you have anything which requires a specific IP address, or utilise your own DNS with a preset A record then we are able to pass along what the new IP will be ahead of the migration, do get in touch as soon as possible for us to help you with this.
Please do feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about this move at all. We will confirm completion of the migrations when it has been finished.
Best wishes,
The Cloud Artisans Team

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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