Change to GSuite Pricing from 2nd April 2019

Google recently announced a change in price for all GSuite customers. The new price as of 2nd April 2019 is £4.60 per month per user +VAT for GSuite Basic (almost all of clients are on this level).  There are no discounts for annual contracts being offered and as such the annual price is set to be £55.20+VAT per user. This price rise is the ... Read More »

14th Feb 2019
Updated privacy policy available

We have updated our privacy policy to be clearer about the way we collect and use your information.  In short our actual mechnisims and basis for processing you information has not changed - we contine to only collect information that enables us to provide you with our services.  We never sell it on or share your information with anyone else for ... Read More »

28th May 2018
Migration of accounts from Plesk 1 to a new service

In the coming weeks we will be migrating users of our 'shared hosting' service to a new 'cloud' based platform. If you don't usually login to your plesk web space then you should notice no difference. Your website CMS admin panel will not change and the way you edit your site will not be affected, for example accessing Wordpress admin.   What ... Read More »

1st Feb 2017